Creating a USCIS approved Regional Center (“RC”) can be both rewarding and challenging, but by no means simple.  Your head may begin to spin once you learn about what it takes and what is required to create and successfully fund an RC.  Although there are currently over two hundred (200) approved RCs in the U.S., only about 25-35 of them are actually operating, and out of those only about ten (10) within a six (6) months span are actually worth considering for investment.  The truth about the EB-5 industry is that an RC project is either funded by foreign investors within a 6 to 7 months period from USCIS approval or not.  If the RC is not able to attract foreign investors, it becomes just another forgotten name on the long list of USCIS approved Regional Centers.

It takes knowledge and a deep understanding of the inner workings of the EB-5 industry to create a successful RC that will not only be able to fund its first project, but many more to come.

At the Law Offices of Yuri Tsyganov, PL when can help you create and fund a successful Regional Center.  We work with the best EB-5 economists, consultants, domestic and international tax attorneys, business attorneys, Securities and Exchange Commission attorneys, and financial specialist.  As a team, we make sure that your Regional Center is a success for years to come:

  • Explanation of what types of projects are out there, loan, equity, loan/equity, real-estate based.
  • Evaluate the strength and weaknesses of your project for the purposes of accepting foreign investment via the USCIS approved RC.
  • Work with business and tax attorneys to create the most flexible and lucrative corporate structure for your project.
  • Help you come up with an exit strategy for the investor’s capital that will create a secure and trustworthy model for your potential and future investors.
  • Work with the appropriate state agency to check whether or not your proposed project is located in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) necessary to reduce the foreign investment amount to $500,000.  If the geographic area in question is not currently considered a TEA, we will do our best to petition the state agency to designate the proposed project area as a TEA.  Please keep in mind, that USCIS has the last word when it comes to accepting TEA designation, but if done properly, it is likely that the USCIS will agree with the state’s TEA designation.
  • We will refer you to a team of world renowned EB-5 economists who will create the required business plan, economic study, and determine the job creation model for your RC. It is required that a Regional Center strictly follow the components of its USCIS approved business plan in order to avoid the issue of materials change, which arise when a Regional Center deviates from the industry(s) and or job creation timeline which it originally adopted.
  • Refer you to an experienced SEC attorney who will properly structure your EB-5 offering to meet all USCIS and SEC standards and requirements.  An SEC attorney can also assist you with the creation of important RC documents such as the Project Subscription Agreement.
  • Assist you with the submission of all required legal documentation to the USCIS and respond to any and all Request for Addition Evidence which may be issued (such requests are standard in the industry).
  • Introduce you to numerous domestic EB-5 consulting companies as well as international EB-5 brokers and agents who may be able assist you in successfully and quickly funding your project. The success of your RC depends largely in part on the connections that you are able to establish before your project goes “live”.
  • Introduce you to an experienced marketing company which exclusively specializes in developing marketing collateral for new and existing EB-5 Regional Centers. The marketing trends and patterns quickly change in the EB-5 industry.  Thus it is imperative to be on the cutting edge of the marketing tactics and techniques in order to attract quality investors to your projects.
  • Assist you in the creation of specific escrow and operating financial accounts.
  • Provide quality translation services in over one hundred (100) languages from around the world.  USCIS requires that all foreign language documents are translated by a competent translator.
  • Once the Regional Center is approved by the USCIS, we will assist you with the filing of the individual investor petitions, as well as the petitions to remove the temporary conditions from the investor’s green cards.
  • Assist you in tracking the progression of job creation within your project to ensure compliance with USCIS requirements.
  • Assistance for the investor with other post-investment issues such as acquisition of residential and commercial real estate, pre and post immigration tax planning, schools for the investor’s children and other family members, travel around the US, and referral to financial advisors in US, Switzerland, and Singapore.

We have helped a number of new Regional Centers achieve USCIS approval and successfully fund their new projects.  It would be our pleasure to meet with you and your partners to discuss the many benefits that a Regional Centers creates.