The Dangers of L-1 Visa: Why EB-5 is a the Premier Choice for Luxury Immigration If you are a high net worth individual from China or Russia and are considering immigration to the U.S. through the L-1A or the EB-5 Investor Visa, your choice just got a lot easier. Within the last year the number of L-1A visa denial has skyrocketed.

Cases that were being approved without even a simple Request for Evidence are now being scrutinized by the USCIS to the point where the L-1A is quickly becoming a dangerous choice for those looking for a quick and simple solution for immigration to the U.S. The USCIS has flooded the L-1 playing field with baseless FRE’s asking which seek information that has either been provided by the Petitioner on numerous occasions, or request documents which are simply not pertinent to the adjudication of an L-1.

Another danger of the L-1 visa has become the Consular Interview. Following successful approval by the USCIS inside the US, the Client’s often face tremendous challenges at the consular interview at the U.S. Embassy located in their home country. Specifically affected have been individuals from the China and The Russian Federation. Whether it is a politically driven message to the Russians and the Chinese, or a total indifference and a lack of care on the part of the Consular Officers in these countries, the results are the same. People are faced with lengthy administrative reviews lasting up to six months and a lack of communication during this stressful process.

Faced with such uncertainty, many are turning to the EB-5 visa. Our firm’s experience shows that If the client is able to prove the legal source of his or her invested funds, and is seeking the EB-5 visa through an establish Regional Center with a proven record for job creation, then the dangers of initial denial or administrative review are almost none-existent. It is sad to see honest and